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Tripping, just like in the movies, only better :)

So me and my house mate got some Hollandia Truffles a couple of months ago, it was our first time trying hallucinogens and we were anxious to get on with them.
We munched them down half a handful at a time, chewing for a good minute at a time until they were mush and swallowing.
Got to be honest, their taste was a little overpowering - but all the best medicine tastes the worse ;P
We followed them up with a coffee each and played some Worms Armageddon on the old PS1. At about 6:20, my friend is just looking a bit spaced, I asked him if anything was up and he said "Yeah man, I can feel it coming on". I told him it hadn't started for me yet, but it was on its way. He kept getting a bit weirder and weirder, when asked if he was cool, he said "I know you're not there yet, so I'm not going to go all the way yet". I said "Just do it man, let yourself go". So we played some more worms and he just turned at me, his pupils were massive and he had his stoner smile on - you guys know, that face when you can tell your buddy is high.
He was telling me about all the stuff he was seeing. He specifically said "Dave, this is a big cliche, I can't believe this. It's like when anyone gets high in TV or Movies - my hands are blurring and everything has colorful outlines" (obviously in a more broken, in cohesive way that took him about 10 minutes to get out :P).

He told me about how bats were coming out of the fireplace and how my face was falling off.
Now its about 7:30 and I had been having that climbing feeling like going up a big roller coaster for about half an hour now. He went to the bathroom and I moved in to his chair closer to the TV so I could turn the games off and stuff. And this chair was the most comfortable I've ever sat, anywhere. I looked at the painted wall behind me and started picking out tableaux images in it, like an Angry Daffy Duck and a big hungry mouth. I thought it was great! :D
My buddy is now trying to get from the bathroom, through the kitchen and back in to the living room, except he has the wabby-est legs and has to use the kitchen counters to support himself, tells me his legs aren't working XP
So he sits down on the sofa and reclines in the end chair, I do the same in the cool swizzly recliner we have . Laying down, but also in a position where I have the option to sit and stand without any trouble, is just the best feeling ever. We both stared for what seemed like forever at the wall above the mantlepiece that is just white - it was like a high canvas. We were both saying what we were seeing, not really listening to each other.
I saw two old ladies who were identical, just talking and then their lips came off and the had really big, blocky teeth. I then saw my buddies face look like his eyes and his mouth were cut out of paper and glued on - what I imagine my buddy saw when he said my face was peeling off.
I started to get frustrated by the fact that I was seeing things, but at the same time I knew I weren't seeing things. I decided to nip to the shops to chill out a bit. I also love interacting with people when I'm on another planet.
So my friend wrote me a shopping list (we kept hold of everything btw) which read:

for Dave
Magic Stars
Bottles of Coke
pom bears - loads
Park Drive
cabreis ceem egg x2 time deus
Diam bar"

I went to the shop and remember buying a bar of chocolate, some bottles of coke and some magic stars. The shop keeper told me the price and I had about £1 extra in my hand, so instead, I put the pound in my wallet and payed with exact change.
I came back to find my buddy on another plane of existence, drawing stuff in his little notebook. I told him about my time at the shops and sat down. I then went back in time in my own head and went on an existential rant about life and death and how we have to appreciate everything we have - basically talking out of my arse, but in the nicest, sweetest way.
I wrote a bunch of stuff down on my phone somewhere about how I knew everything about existence. I was having a really inwardly focused trip from this point onwards and just could not stop talking. My buddy on the other hand was seeing all sorts of crazy stuff, sometimes it was something a bit scary, and other times it was just trippy colors and such.
While I was writing, he was drawing all kinds of stuff that I'll upload for you :D
Then my parents rang, just to see how I was doing, I took the call upstairs and recalled really wanting to talk to both of them for as long as possible.
I came back downstairs and we decided we would try and get our other friend over. After much deliberation of trying to get him out of bed (at about 9pm :/), we got him over and I was just talking to my two buddies about how your life can be separated in to different blocks, and within each block are smaller blocks until you get in to keyframe pictures of your life.
We started coming down to earth a bit, with cohesive conversations and such, but we found we were kind of going up and down. Sometimes we thought it was kind of done, but then we'd peek again. Like I went to the bathroom. I had a piss, but then sat down on the loo and turned the lights off, since I hadn't experienced the trip in the dark yet - and I started to write more on my phone. I particularly wanted to write about little things that people forget. I can only explain this as like how you don't remember what were we thinking last Thursday at 9:43pm or whatever, and it made me sad that so much can happen, but we take it for granted and just forget it all.
Anyway, my buddies were terrified to find me in case I was either freaking out (very unlike me), or deliberately hiding in attempts to scare them (very like me XD). Instead they found sat in the bathroom with a big smile on my face saying "This is great!"
After this we started to calm down a bit, we got some more friends over at about 11:30, I made noodles and we played some more worms - although I still wouldn't stop talking and the effects didn't wear off totally until we went to bed at about 3:00am - 9 hours after taking the truffles.

I'll post up some pictures of my house mate's drawings.
Hope you had fun reading this! :D If anything, it was your store that allowed this awesome night and these awesome chain of events to happen!

drawing while tripping on truffles

Picture 1, if you remember right at the beginning, I said my buddy turned around with his wide pupils and his stoner smile. Well I asked him later on in the night when he was a bit more down to earth, to draw what he saw and he drew this. The guy is me, apparently the black figure followed me for a bit until I went to the shops, he said it wasn't threatening to or friendly, more like an odd visual that vaguely represented a being. The faces were just in the walls and on the sofa. And there's the bat cave in the fireplace :)

drawing while tripping on truffles

Picture 2, these are the pictures that my friend drew throughout the night.
Top left to bottom right
1)Me with my face peeling off, the text reads "Rob Zombi Ceiling Jonny priced it up Dave disagreed"
He took a look at the ceiling and he said it looked like a Rob Zombie painting, I disagreed, but he said it's too late for me to disagree, it's already been priced up.
2) "BARRY" and in the B it reads "It's a name, not a joke". Because when we brought our other friend round, he said there was a guy in his flat they called Barry, because he did "Barry-like" things. We were both shocked that someone would make a joke about someone's name.
3) "I can hear every word you type" When I was writing stuff on my phone, the room was very quiet, but my buddy could hear everything I was typing.
4) "I have no hat it feels like", "I am", "Thing feel some times", "More teeth pleases crowds", "Everyone" - just some nonsensical ramblings from my friend.
5) "I'm writing with my right hand", "Left is better". Accompanied by a picture.
6) Some odd ghoul like man my buddy saw
7) An optical illusion he drew about a man smoke two cigarettes, while also looking like the number 2
8) Something very angry! :O
9) My absolute favorite. "Sometimes lips have spiders too :)xxx". Whatever it means, it's fantastic and I want it as a poster!

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