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Leaves, flowers, everything was amazing!

Okay - this was my first time trying magic truffles and i only took 10 grams just to see how i liked it. For the first hour after eating them i felt a bit sick and just.. all i could think is "This isn't that great, i just feel sick". Then it hit me, i burst out laughing stuff was just so damned funny. I Buried my face into my silk shirt (For work) and just examined how the pattern happened and if it wanted to be that way, i LOVED that shirt for 5 whole mins! I watched a few Bill Bailey clips on youtube and they were funny but i definitely have to say is you have to be in nature to experience them properly - i went outside and oh my god, it was awesome! Leaves were awesome, the veins in them were pulsing and the way the light hit it showed all the green shades that were on it. I was by myself because if i had a bad trip i knew i can handle it if i'm by myself, but if i was in a crowd i know i would have a harder time getting over a bad trip.

But yeah - Leaves, flowers were amazing, i began to think about where i was in relation to the universe and i was looking at the sky - the blue sky was a backdrop to our world and the trees and stuff were in the foreground - i was looking at how the world was a stunning painting that i had the privilege to witness, i spent about an hour outside examining my garden loving every second of it. I then lay down on the grass in the sun and closed my eyes, the closed eye visuals were not intense as i had hoped but they were still very enjoyable, The only intense visual i had seen was this neon caterpillar that was looking at me and pulsing. but it was very small and it only lasted a few seconds. I found a guitar string in the grass, and in my mind was comparing it to the earth and its time in our solar system, bending the wire and looking at the coils as if each coil of the string was a thousand years of the earth. I then decided that it was a symbol fit for a crown so i looped it and made a headband and wore it as a crown. I went inside and played a game of League of legends, it was one of the most intense matches i have ever played, it was a massive war and i was telling my screen what to do and when i died instead of respawning i stayed at the base because i was dead and couldn't participate anymore... unless i was a zombie, but i wasn't playing a zombie character. When we won i was super stoked and wrote on a page "Journal entry 1, we have defeated noxus. Team was ....." and i just listed every champion who was in the match. I then started getting transfixed on my hands and my eyes in the mirror in my room, i was just touching my face and watching it spring back into place as i pulled it down (my cheeks primarily).
I feel as though after my experience i definitely see colors in a different light, i kinda notice more shades now than i did before, it kinda made the world a bit brighter if you know what i mean.

That was my first trip, after all that (timeframe about 4-5 hours) i just fell asleep and woke up the next day.
One thing i will say was i had a massive headache the next day afterwords, but i'm pretty sure it was because i didn't eat before taking the truffles and i had no urge to eat while on them so i was pretty much gone with no food and only 1 litre of water, advice i would give is definitely drink more to avoid the headache (it was a hot day here and 1 liter is not enough, you sweat most of it away)

Thanks for reading my story,
- Golinsteelheart

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