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I'm paying my highest respects to the plant

I bought 30 grams of fresh magic truffles of last weekend and me and my mate took them between us we both started out with 10 grams each which we swilled down with a nice cup of tea sitting at home in my living room, its been a few years for me since I'd taken any psychedelic drugs so i pretty much knew what to expect.

We're both sitting in my living room watching the tv and after 10-15 minutes i start to get sweaty palms i could also feel my feet starting to tingle at 1st i was thinking it was a placebo but then everything started to get a glow around its edges of pale pink and turquoise blue so i knew i was coming up, i looked at my mate and asked him if he was feeling anything to which he replied nah not really which made me think he was trying to mess with my head a little bit, sitting their a little longer just getting used to the colours and i have this video play through my head of what my whole trip is gonna entail and be like with an overwhelming feeling of anxiety i went through this massive roller coaster of emotions which lasted about 2 minutes and then hit this feeling of ecstasy and inside my head i said ill take this version of the trip please at which point id started to climb towards the peak.

From here on in i was getting the usual psychedelic patterns and some crazy laughing fits and the whole night proceeded to be a great introduction back into what it was like to take psychedelic drugs, the next day i woke up feeling great, my mate wasn't overly impressed by the experience but he approaches drugs in a totally different way to myself, i understand the power and the wisdom that can be attained from using these substances where as he just uses them to have a fun time which was his own undoing as i will explain on our next trip.

The same thing happened only this i told my mate to go 1st, so i made him a cup of tea and he devoured his 1st portion in a matter of 5 mins the only reason i wanted him to go before me is because i understand the true power of what can happen where he is very in-experienced, we sat in my living room and he starts to get the nice vivid colors and some great laugh attacks whilst watching the peoples faces metamorphosis on the tv all the time he was re-iterating to myself you should be seeing what i'm seeing and we laughed and joked.

About 1 hour after he had taken his i decided to take mine by this time my mate tells me has flat lined and feels normal (he is pretty headstrong) i take my 8g of hollandia truffles and lie down on my couch and watch the tv i could feel my hands start to get sweaty again within 10 mins and all the time I'm saying to myself please be nice to me almost in a praying like fashion as I'm paying my highest respects to the plant.

I start to get the vivd colors and had this overwhelming feeling to play this 1 song which i like, i listen to this song and really get into the vibe and the lyrics it was almost as if i was building up the energy for my trip to explode and i was not dissapointed, the song finished and i turned on the tv just to have some background noise and as i watched the tv i saw peoples faces turn into reptoids/reptillians and pixies and elves i could see dragons all the time I've got this warm feeling inside my body of pure ecstasy i felt like i was melting into my sofa and i just wanted to let myself go, my mate is talking away which is keeping me with 1 foot in his reality whilst my other foot is ready to step into a whole new dimension, i had this feeling of nervousness about letting go of reality and what might happen if i never return back to the way it was which soon passed as the trip started to peak, we moved into the kitchen and i could see the most vibrant colors and rainbows and it was almost as if my third eye (pineal gland) had been opened i was shot out of this dimension into a world of pure love with dragons flying around and pyramids i was even seeing buddhas the sky was a real light purple with pastel pink colors and the visions were so strong it was like i had hit the ultimate place of tranquility, my mate is talking all the time which is keeping me semi planted in both universes but i just wanted him to shut his mouth so i could enjoy this moment to myself has i had found my nirvana, never had i experienced anything so powerful and something that felt so right the connections i was feeling that everything is true love and we are all infinite consciousness experiencing different aspects of what is possible everything that is taking place outside in what we perceive to be reality if merely a reflection of what we have been taught to perceive. it was so clear the message that was being taught to me, the 3-d world is purely 1 aspect of what really exists and my time hear is to learn and understand how it works so i can move onto the next levels of the 4th and 5th dimensions etc etc,the trip peaked and it taught me or at least shown me how i could bend time space and travel where-ever i wanted to go that everything that exists really exists inside of me you just have to have the right things to make the connections to remember who you truly are, it kinda makes me realize why we do actually live inside a prison planet as they dont want you from ever leaving this realm and seeing all that is possible but it it wasn't for this sacred plant we would be trapped and have to re-incarnate time and time again until we learned the lessons needed to ascend.

I then move back into the living room and try and have a conversation with my mate about microscopes and telescopes and how when we look through a microscope we see different things and then if we look deeper into those things we see something else almost like never ending fractals as life is eternal to which my mate was like huh, it was at that point i just wanted somebody to be their who knew exactly what i was trying to say so we could have the most in-depth conversation about what is and how its made up to be, my trip started to decline and im starting to come back into reality the visuals are now becoming at longer intervals and all the time i'm still being taught about reflections as what is going on in my life is just a reflection of whats taking place inside me she actually bought jme down nice and gently and after about 6 hours i felt so refreshed like i had just spent 2 weeks in the Caribbean absolutely and amazing time was had by myself and now i feel like no matter what happens in my life i know this is just 1 experience of potential millions/billions of other experiences i could be having their is no such thing as life or death only infinite love.

We sit their and my mates asking me if I'm ready to go again but he has no idea of what i have just been through and the feeling of satisfaction i now have so i tell him no but I'm quite happy for him to take the 2nd bag, i make hime a cup of tea and he sits and eats 8g in record amount of time hoping that he can break through to where i have just been, he is sitting on my sofa for about 30 minutes and telling me he isn't feeling nothing so i tell him to take the rest of what was left and he does,another 30 mins pass and he says right I'm going home as those truffles are crap to which i thought to myself what an absolute dick head if he had just had the experience i had he would not be saying this, so i bid him farewell and retire to bed, as I'm lying in bed I'm recollecting my thoughts and reflecting on what has just happened still feeling in a state of bliss and i get a text message asking me if I'm still awake to which i reply yes, i get another text message saying "door now".

I get dressed and go downstairs and open the door to see my mate standing their looking white as a sheet so i invite him in and asked what was the problem.

My mate had gone home and smoked a joint which had the effect of triggering off his trip, he sat in his room and had this really loud whooming noise in his head and the voice said to him your not ready for this, to which i immediately knew this was the psilocybine telling him exactly what i already knew, this scared the shit out of him and he pleaded with her not to do anything bad to him and he was proper shaken up, he said that he had a spiral that was trying to suck him in but instead of letting himself go he was trying to fight it and because he had had the cannabis they were now both doing battle inside his head as to which 1 was gonna give him the most dominant effect to which i found really amusing as the trip wanted to take him in 1 direction and the cannabis wanted to take him in another, so i sit him down and explain to him the whole situation what is taking place inside of him and that he wont be able to breakthrough this time because the trip had let him off with a warning telling him to get himself straight before trying to enter into what she has to offer and i smiled and he laughed as he had just been shown the power of what can happen if you don't treat drugs with the respect they deserve which to him was a valuable lesson because next time he takes the truffles he will approach it with a different mindset so it was a great teacher for him also.

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