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Truffles and Magic Sex

Me and my fella wanted to try a hallucinative for the first time so we went for the Philosophers stone truffles. We ordered 30g which got delivered within 3 days of ordering to the UK! We were planning on taking them in a weeks time but as they came so fast we took them that night.
6.30 pm, I took 10g and Dave took 15g. We just chomped up the truffles in our mouths, not gunna lie, but the truffles were the worst tasting thing I ever had In my mouth and left a weird tangy feeling i described as 'magic'. Dave didn't mind them.
For me it took 5 minutes until I started to feel my body coming up into the classic drug state; fuzzy body, wobbly legs, warm all over and tingly hands etc. I guess being 5'5" female this is why it came on so fast and dave's 6'7 so I knew it would take him longer, I was freaking out a bit coz I knew he wasn't on my level and really wanted him to be! Colors started to change to a warm yellow to match the sunset out of the window. I sat on the same sofa as dave and kind of regretted taking it, but only as I wasn't mentally prepared as had a few things to worry about that day but when I looked over at dave and saw the size of his pupils I knew he was with me and I let go and started to enjoy the ride...
We had some nice chill out house on the speakers with a David Attenborough programm on with no sounds about birds. Couldn't move from the sofa, was moulded in as one with it and in Dave's body. Dave was pissing himself at some of the birds on tv, I just felt truly fucked. I did have the stoner smile but I couldn't quite laugh yet.

The tv was doing the classic trip stuff, colors were vivid, things were moulding into each other, geometric patterns were everywhere.
Time isn't real on truffles so I dunno when but I felt like I wanted to move from the sofa, got up and felt like a giant. Dave was enjoying seeing things move on the rug and crazy universe stuff on the chair. So I went into the bedroom in a dreamy state. I was brushing my hair in the mirror walking around looking at things. I saw some chocolates that Dave bought from the shop, I well wanted one so had a bit and it tasted so frigging good, Dave came in the room and I made him have one. I noticed he had his trousers off and I said 'Dave why are your trousers off Dave' then realized 'My tights are off Dave' and the fact we were both bare down there just sent us in fits of laughter!
I could only whisper the whole night, sentences weren't long. Everything I said made us laugh.
We went in the front room and lay on the floor, had a few visual things. Colors were different, sounds were strong, touch was sensitive it was like we had changed into super humans.
We put xfactor on the tv, was some more visual craziness- people's faces were a bit fucked up.
I decided I wanted to go outside and see some nature.

It was dark and I said 'Dave I haven't got a skirt on' that cracked us up and after that every little thing made us laugh, like something hanging off a electric wire, walking up the hill thinking we climbed a mountain and looking behind realising we hadn't gone far. We felt like the the drug state was dying off so decided to go home and take the other 5g left. I attempted at making it into a tea but won't bother doing that again as the chopped truffles wouldn't go through the tea pot spout so had to spoon them out was a hassle.
We didn't talk much but in my head I was having conversations with dave and he said the next day he was doing the same thing with me.
We sat on the bed, had a cuddle then decided we wanted sex. We got naked and turned the main light out, dave turned on this star light I had on the wall but the plastic star fell off so dave wanted to put it back on, it was taking ages and we were still laughing. I put it on, we went to have sex and it fell off so some more time was spent dave putting the plastic back on then he gave up.
The sex was insane.. Could feel everything X10. I was having mad geometrical patterns running through my head and we had sex for ages it felt like. Was quite spiritual, we felt a lot of love for each other. This was about 11 o'clock so next truffle trip we are gunna go for sex earlier on to see what happens.
Went to bed 12am exactly, felt warm and comfy, took a little while to get to sleep was just enjoying what was in my head with eyes closed. Woke up 8am feeling awesome like on morphine super relaxed and calm. We had a lovely day of eating and feeling really at peace and love for the world.
Already planned our next trip for 3 weeks time, with do philosophers stone again but I'll take 15g so I have a more visual experience. Thanks guys for the best night of our lives!

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