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With my arms wide open

As a person who loves new experiences and well, tripping hard I went into taking 15 grams of philosopher Stone Truffles with my arms wide open, I couldn't wait to get them inside of my body to see what the effects were, and oh man, they were beautiful. To paint the scene here, me and 3 other friends all went to my house with about 45 grams between us. It was about 7pm when we ate our first lot; straight out of the bag and into our mouths, chewed them up for a while and swallowed them. I started out with 10 grams, and after a while small visuals began to set in; the walls and light got steadily brighter with slight wall melting like effects.

I recall my desk having some sort of glow around it, at this point we were about an hour or so into the trip. I was loving every second of it and went ahead and ate another 5 grams. Time went by, all enjoying what we were feeling, me being sprawled across my bed and others just sitting about the room, we decided to turn the lights off. It was quite eerie at first, yet very comforting, as you stared into the darkness neon flashes and colors are going everywhere, dancing about your vision, it was intense yet so very beautiful. We turned the light back on and decided to go for a walk, by this point it must have been about 9pm. It was the dead of winter, outside was cold and there was frost covering all the cars and grass, the sky was clear and the stars were shining brighter than they have ever shined before. As I was walking down my street I was in awe just looking around me, the frost glowing in the moonlight and the sky slowly turning somewhat pixelated, as if it was in a 16-bit video game.

The sound of all of our footprints walking down the road grew more and more intense slowly starting to sound like a roar of a crowd, after about 30 seconds it got too intense and I let out a slight yell and then all the audio hallucinations stopped. We was sitting in a bus stop waiting for my friend to meet his dealer. As I stared at the wooden panels on the bus stop they seemed to have a neon like tint to them in a red and white stripe kind of way, words formed on each stripe, but I could never work out what they actually said, it just reminded me so very much of a circus. As all of this was happening I had constant giggles, laughed at everything, was very happy and content.

At point throughout the trip I was getting all deep about the government and stuff, I had it all figured out in my head what the government were actually doing. My friend has a video of me trying to explain to all of them in the bus stop that the world is actually just "One big business" and that I was sad about the fact everybody is so materialistic and money driven. Slowly as the night progressed hallucinations weakened, everything continued having a bright glow for a good few hours after major hallucinations happened. All in all I would jump at the chance to take them again, it was an amazing experience and I would suggest any person that has the chance to eat some truffles that they do so because they wont regret the experience.

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